Electronic Design

Here to help provide versatile support for all your new and old electronic designs.

Support Services

Analog/RF Design

Precision circuit design for all industries in new and old products

Legacy Support

Updating electronic designs and proving new component selections

Design Verification

Ensuring your latest designs meet your requirements

Digital Design

High speed low power discrete and FPGA RTL VHDL designs

Software Development

Embedded C and C++ low latency solutions

ARM cortex, ESP32 and older 8051, Z80

Power electronics

Primary/Secondary Switch mode power supplies.

Solid state power switches

Aspire Design Ltd

Best design and experience combined together

Aspire Design Ltd, since 1992, has been working hard supporting customers with electronic design services in all industries.

Providing new electronic product design and other support services. Helping maintain electronic products through the product life cycle. Improving older legacy products with more up to date designs.

Working from our dedicated premises here in Burntwood, Staffordshire we have all the hardware development equipment and software development tools needed to help our customers with their needs.

Contact us, we’re here to help!